Past, present and future


Our know how has been directed to provide health and human care to our patients, going to serve them both in the place where they spend their holidays as if they need hospital treatment.


Many tourist establishments and hotel chains in this area trust their customers with health problems in Global Medical care, as well as most international Insurance Companies and major tour operators operating in this area, as TUI-Thomson, Thomas Cook, NT -Incoming, etc., with whom we worked closely for years.





We add now the whole of our experience in the creation of a new medical center with modern and functional design, where we have given importance to structural and human factor that makes our clients feel well from the first time and where we can offer new services with concern of constant future extensions.



So we expanded our portfolio with services such as general medicine, psychology, sports psychology, sports medicine service, nursing a catalog of health checks, clinical analysis and finally our authorized Drivers Medical Examination service, where you can obtain and renew driver's licenses, gun licenses and for private security forces, crane operator, boats and jet skis and possession of potentially dangerous animals







We invite you to know us better through this website and networks and we will be delighted to welcome you to our facility.